For Patients

For patients, you deserve the best care… only at Back In Action of Jonesboro

Chiropractic care does not involve the use of any drugs or surgery. We use our hands to safely and gently adjust and free the joints of the spine and associated musculoskeletal conditions arising from the back and neck, or any other parts of the body where signs of restriction in movement are found, to help improve mobility and relieve pain. This treatment is known as ‘adjustment’ or ‘manipulation’ and sometimes can be aided by taking X-rays, using heat or ice, electro-therapy such as ultrasound and interferential massage or acupuncture needles. As a patient, you may be given specific exercises to help maintain and improve your condition, and advice on posture, movement and lifestyle to prevent relapses. If your chiropractor identifies an underlying condition for which other treatment is appropriate, you will be referred to your GP or another specialist without delay.

Here at Back in Action of Jonesboro, we are delighted to work so closely personally with you, and your General Physician (when advised). Upon arrival on our clinic, our friendly staff will welcome you as ask you to fill a new patient’s form or a standard questionnaire. The forms will generally ask simple details about yourself (name, address, birthdate…) and a few relevant questions about your health (illness history, injuries, or medications). The idea of this process is to help us understand and overview of your current condition and situation.